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Privacy Policy

  1. To place an order with lazeriodarbai.lt internet store, the Client must register on lazeriodarbai.lt website by entering their registration name and password. Lazeriodarbai.lt confirms that the fact of registration does not mean that emails, letters or notices will be sent to the Customer, except for those messages that are necessary for order processing and product delivery. If the Customer wishes to receive news and notifications from lazeriodarbai.lt, he or she can register to received lazeriodarbai.lt newsletter.
  2. When placing an order with lazeriodarbai.lt, the Customer needs to provide his or her personal details necessary for the delivery of the ordered goods: name; surname; the address to which the goods will be delivered; telephone number; and other data necessary for delivery. Lazeriodarbai.lt confirms that such data will be used exclusively for the purpose of processing and delivering the goods. Lazeriodarbai.lt undertakes not to disclose such information to third parties, except for lazeriodarbai.lt partners who provide delivery or other services related to fulfillment of Client's order. Any other exceptions to the disclosure of Customer's personal information to third parties shall in all cases be agreed with the Customer. In all other cases, any Customer's personal data may be disclosed to third parties only in the cases provided for by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The customer, when registering with lazeriodarbai.lt shop and ordering the goods, promises to keep his login information to him or herself and not to disclose it to anyone else. At the same time, the Customer confirms that he or she is of legal age and has the right to order the goods from lazeriodarbai.lt shop. In the event the Customer discloses his or her login details, lazeriodarbai.com shall be released from any liability in connection with that.
  4. The client, having read the rules, confirms that he or she is informed that, while browsing lazeriodarbai.lt internet shop, cookie files (small bits of data that lazeriodarbai.lt server keeps on the client’s personal computer ) will be stored on his or her computer and that he or she agrees to that.
  5. Lazeriodarbai.lt confirms that it strives to use the best practices and the most advanced technologies for the protection of the Customer's personal data.
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